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JETSET PI Prof. Rezzolla honored once again

It is a pleasure to congratulate Prof. Rezzolla once again for his two latest achievements, after his election to the International Society for General Relativity and Gravitation earlier this year.

During the Summer, Rezzolla was awarded a Laureatus professorship by the “Walter Greiner Gesellschaft zur Förderung der physikalischen Grundlagenforschung“. This society is dedicated to promoting fundamental physics research in Frankfurt. It was inspired by the celebrated theoretical physicist and head of the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies Prof. Dr. Walter Greiner (1935 — 2016) . “I knew Prof. Greiner quite well”, said Rezzolla. “After his passing, I helped to set up the conservation of his amazing personal collection of books — both science and non-science — by the Goethe University in Frankfurt.”

In September, Rezzolla was also awarded the 2022 Falling Walls Breakthrough Prize for Physical Sciences by the Falling Walls Foundation. This prize recognizes Rezzolla’s leading involvement in the first images of the supermassive black holes in the center of the M87 and SgrA galaxies.

Prof. Rezzolla is Laureatus professor of the Walter Greiner Society for Fundamental Physics Research. [Image: Uwe Dettmar]