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Congratulations to Dr. Cruz-Osorio, laureate of the 2022 Frankfurt Physics Prize!

JETSET member Dr. Alejandro Cruz-Osorio was awarded the 2022 Frankfurt Physics Prize. The entire JETSET team is very proud of Alejandro and joins in warmly congratulating him as a remarkable scientist and a friendly collaborator.

Every year, the physics department of Goethe Universität–the host institution of the JETSET ERC project–awards the Frankfurt Physics Prize to acknowledge an individual scientist with exceptional merit in the Frankfurt area. Notable prior recipients of the prize include the JETSET Principal Investigator Prof. Luciano Rezzolla.

This year, the physics department honors Dr. Alejandro Cruz-Osorio for his recent scientific achievements, notably in the acquisition, analysis and interpretation of the two first radio images of black holes: the celebrated M87 and SgrA* captured by the Event Horizon Telescope.

Dr. Alejandro Cruz-Osorio is an essential member of the JETSET project. He was just awarded the 2022 Frankfurt Physics Prize for exceptional scientific achievement. [Image: Conacyt México]

Alejandro is an established expert in the high-performance numerical simulation of accretion systems around black holes. Such simulations are cornerstones of the method to analyze the complex radio images of galaxy centers where supermassive black hole are found. This expertise has led him to endorse scientific responsibility within the Event Horizon Telescope collaboration, and to become a founding member of the ERC-funded JETSET project. Using such simulations, Alejandro recently led an important study on spectroscopic and morphological features of relativistic jets. Alejandro was first author of the article in Nature Astronomy reporting this work.

Alejandro holds a PhD in physics from Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (Morelia, Mexico) and has been a post-doctoral fellow at the Institute for Theoretical Physics (Goethe Universität) for three years. He has deployed enormous energy and talent in conducting research, teaching, mentoring students and animating the scientific life of the Institute through organizing the weekly astrophysics seminar called the AstroCoffee. All of this effort and success is acknowledged by the Frankfurt Physics Prize which duly went to Dr. Alejandro Cruz-Osorio this year.

For more information on Dr. Cruz-Osorio, see our Members page or his personal webpage.